Tips for the Purchasing of Solar Street Lights

Nowadays, the solar street lights are widely applied in our daily life, however, the prices of the solar street lights sold on the market are different, and the quality of the solar street lights are varied. And what should be paid much attention when purchasing the solar street lights?


1.Chips of low quality
The chips are the core of the LED street lights, which decide the performance of the street lights directly. However, some bad manufacturers take a convenience of the consumers unprofessional about the products, and they adopt the chips with low price, which bring economic losses for consumers and cause severe quality risks on the LED street lights.
2.False configuration or exaggerate configuration parameters
The decrease of the profit accompanies with the widely application of the solar street lights, and the severe competition causes the problem of false labeled of the configuration, such as the power of the solar panel, capacity of the accumulator, and even the material of the lamp post. And this is caused by the consumers’ demands on low price.
3.Unscientific design on heat radiation
In the design of heat radiation, the service time of the semi-conductor will decreased exponentially when the temperature of the PN junction is 10℃ higher. For the LED solar street lights have high demands on the brightness and severe demands on the application environment, the stability will be decreased and the LED will be aging if the heat radiation problem cannot be solved perfectly. In addition, unscientific configuration will make the application condition of the street lights cannot meet the expectation value.
4.Use the copper lines instead of the gold lines, and the problems on controller
Some manufactures try to use the copper alloy lines or other alloy lines to take the place of the expensive gold lines. Although some of the alternative solutions perform better than the gold lines, they are inferior in chemical stability, such as the silver wire is easy to be corrosion by sulphur, chlorine or bromine, and the copper wire is easy to be oxidation or vulcanization. For the encapsulated silca gel, which is the same like the sponge, all those alternative solutions will cause chemical corrosion for the bonding wire, which decrease the reliability of the light source, and the LED beads will out of work.

30W All in one Integrated solar street light

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If there is problem of the controller, the phenomena of whole light extinguish, unpunctual ON or OFF, partial damage or out of work of several LED beads will happen in the process of testing or investigation.


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