How to Choose Solar Street Light

As the main energy of this century, the solar energy is widely used in a large number of industries. Under the function of solar energy, the solar photoelectric products can transform the solar energy into electrical energy. The solar street light is composed by the following aspects: solar panel, accumulator, controller which is special for the solar street light, LED and lamp post. It is a automatically working system, which can work normally if the working mode is set.


Solar street light manufacturer


NUOJIN, which is a professional solar street light manufacturer and supplier, suggests that when choosing the solar street light, the one with water-proofing controller is essential, and the quality of the controller decides the number of days to work normally in bad weathers and the stability of the solar street light.


The solar street lights are quite normal in our daily life, no matter in park, road, or court yard, however, people are not familiar with the standard of solar street light choosing. Now we will introduce how to choose high quality solar street light.
Don’t judge the quality of the products by price.


It is certain that the price is closely related to the allocation of the solar street light. There is no doubt that the products with low price cannot work effectively, however, the quality of the solar street light is not the higher price the better quality, and the price is decided by many factors.


Don’t give up the brightness of the solar street light
The LEDs are applied to the solar street light, whose brightness is several times of the ordinary energy saving light. The standard allocation of the solar street light produced by factories can meet the illuminating needs of normal life. The high brightness of the solar street light is not only a waste of energy, but does harm to the vision of people. The normal brightness of the solar street light is LED 30W, which is the same to the brightness of the energy saving light whose brightness is around 200 to 250w.


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