Configuration of the Solar Street Light

The solar street lighting device is a device which uses the solar energy and combines the technology of solar electrical energy generate and LED illumination together, which is the real zero release. The whole device is easy to be installed with no wire and power consumption, and it can work effectively with abundant sunshine. The solar street light now is widely applied in city and rural illumination.

1. The Installation and contribution of the solar street light
The installation and distribution of the solar street light devices should meet the demand of the width of roads and illumination. The methods of installation and contribution are one-side distribution, bilateral symmetry distribution, and bilateral interleaving distribution.


Configuration of the Solar Street Light

2. Light source choice of the solar street light
The choosing principle of the light source of the solar street light is that the light source should be suitable for the environment with high light efficiency and long service time. The light sources widely used are tricolor energy-saving lamp, traditional sodium lamp, induction lamp and LED lamp. Under the current environment condition and the urge of the national policies, the light source of induction lamp and LED lamp are the most widely applied.

3. Choosing of lamp
The reflectivity, illumination and maintenance factor should be taken into consideration in the choosing of lamp. The quality of the road illumination can be measured by the index of the pavement luminance, average illuminance and dazzle light.

a. Pavement luminance
The demands toward the luminance of pavement are different according to the degree of roads. Generally, the demand for main roads is over 2cd/m2, and that for the paths of residential areas are lower.
b. Average illuminance
Average illuminance refers to the average value of the illuminace, which is the unit for illumination intensity.
c. Dazzle light
The dazzle light should be controlled in a certain range, and generally, the dazzle light equals to 7.

4. Choosing of the controller
The stainless steel is used to produce the controller, which is beautiful and durable. The controller should have the features of light control, time control, and over-charge protection. The maintenance-free acid-lead battery can be applied, which is set inside the box of controller, together with the charge-discharge controller.

5. Design of the lamppost
The steel cone light post is generally used, which has the features of beautiful, strong, durable and easy to produce. The cross-section of the light post is round, hexagon and octagon. The taper degree is 1:90 or 1:100.

6. Design of the dip
In order to make the solar panel of the solar street light can absorb solar energy fully, the dip of the solar panel must be designed according to the site that the street light installed.

7. Anti-wind capacity
The anti-wind capacity is the key part that should be paid more attention in the structural design of the solar street light. And the anti-wind capacity mainly refers to the capacity of the battery support and that of the lamppost.


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